If you want to book me, contact me via:

E-Mail – tobi[at]
or via Facebook – fb/tobiskmusic

Please attach information about the date, location and what music style you expect from me.


To ensure quick changeover and a hastle free experience during your event, please provide the following conditions and technical Equipment on the Event Location:

  • two XLR or two RCA (Chinch) Inputs near the DJ Table
  • A DJ Table of at least 38x90cm at a reasonable standing height (at least 83cm high up to a maximum of 100cm high)
  • Placement of Audio system:
    • a setup where you can hear the sound quality on the dancefloor from the DJ Table
    • or a sound technician that takes care of the sound on the dancefloor

If you have any questions or are unable to fulfill these minimum requirements, please inform me about this before the gig.

Promotional Material

If you have booked me, you can use my promotional material for your flyers and advertisement. This archive contains pictures and logos in high resulutions.


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