About Tobisk Music

Tobias Keller, also known as Tobisk is a young talent in the latin scene in Germany. He plays hand-selected Bachata Sensual, Bachata Fusion, Zouk and Salsa Music on the dancefloor.

Born at the dawn of the 90s Tobias grew up in a small village in Bavaria (composed the first songs on grandpa’s old synthesizer, in the kindergarden age, which – to be honest – sounded terrible) and moved to Darmstadt, when he started to study IT science in 2011. Around this time, he had a side-job in stage lighting and sound, where he learned a lot about event management and audiosystems.

After moving to Darmstadt, he also started to fall in love with Salsa Dancing and the Music, especially Latin Jazz like Al Delory or New Swing Sextett and started to dance Salsa. Some time later, he started to learn Bachata and connected to the local scene.

In 2014, he composed his first Zouk song, which he produced in 2015 together with a friend from the local salsa scene. Then, in 2018, influenced by remixes from Daeil Cha and others, he started remixing bachata music and in 2019, he tried deejaying (and not just playing playlists) for the first time on public parties.

Finally, in January 2020, Tobias started Tobisk Music and together with local clubs and event managers, hosts salsa and sensual parties in the wider Frankfurt region.

Tobias in his Home-Studio
(Picture by Florian Kroh)

Musical Style

While Tobias has a wide collection of Salsa Music (Mostly for Linea Style), Bachata Sensual and Zouk, he is specialized at playing Latin Jazz, Mambo, Bachata Fusion and bassy Zouk.

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